Kitchens & Cabinetry

I can create almost anything that requires true custom woodwork, either on a residential or on a commercial scale. Here at my wood shop in Lancaster County, PA, I use traditional methods to make the integrity of traditional woodworking both modern and cost effective. Smaller millwork jobs are welcome, as are projects on a larger scale: cabinets, custom furniture, entertainment cabinetry, bathrooms, and kitchens. I have built and installed cabinetry projects from New York City to Washington, DC, and many places in between. Each project is unique, and always thoughtfully crafted for each space.

Why work with me?

What you get from me is truly custom woodwork. Many shops are set up for only a few product or cabinet lines, whereas I am able to incorporate many small details into the cabinetry that larger companies would find disruptive to their production. My projects are always changing – no two jobs are ever alike – and I can bring moldings, door details, elements from the existing structure into the cabinetry without any concerns for dedicated machinery set-ups.

You work directly with me throughout the entire project, and I’m dedicated from day one. I am concerned that the work is completed on schedule and for the proposed price. My commitment and integrity will be evident in the work I complete for you. That’s very important to me.

A One-man Operation

Typically, all of the woodworking in the shop is done by me. However, when my shop work becomes heavy, I do call on other craftspeople who I respect and whose work ethic reflects my own. Here in Lancaster, we have a rich network of craftspeople who often work together. One benefit of having developed an established business is coming to know other area craftspeople and becoming a part of this network.

Your Project is Important

Five to six major kitchen or renovation projects a year are ideal for me. I work on no more than two jobs at once. However, there are always jobs that are in the design process for which I’m doing drawings and meeting with clients to discuss new projects.